death is an enemy.

death is an enemy.

That’s what the Bible says. And it’s true. There is nothing good about death.

The distress it brings is heart-wrenching sorrow.


We have to live for something bigger than ourselves. What good is it if you live life, only to find out there is nothing at the end?

God wired us to believe. We have the choice whether we will or not. And beyond believing, is living with a view of eternity. It makes all the difference because we will always have hope. If we think there isn’t anything at the end, how miserable we will be.

What are you living for?

What is your hope at the end of your life?

Are you ready to meet God?


Photo credit: Davi Ozolin / / CC BY-NC-SA

in his hands.

in his hands.

Take a step back from the situation that’s bringing you distress.

And put it in proper perspective.

We think big – but we actually think very small.

He’s got the whole world in his hands.


Only then will you find peace of mind.


Photo courtesy: Harrison Schmitt

“The earth seen from Apollo 17”



June 13th was the last time we had rain. I watered the flower and vegetable garden every day, but the grass turned brown and was thirsty for rain.

I had never seen it this dry.

One day, I was watering the cucumbers and squash, and I noticed a grasshopper jumping into the spray. It just sat there, enjoying the moisture. I supposed he would crawl under a large, green leaf and drink the droplets that rested on the surface. I thought about how much it meant to an insect to have a drink.

Today it rained. Hard. With clamoring thunder, dangerous lightening, and strong wind included. But the sky had opened up and watered the earth with a vengeance. It was as if to the degree the earth was suffering, that was to the degree in which the rain had to come.

As I watched the water pool in places on the parched lawn, I thought about how welcoming it must feel for the roots struggling below.

God takes care of the earth.  The rain came when it needed to come.  It could have come sooner since there was visible damage. But it did not come too late.

God takes care of you. If you only knew the enormity of his unconditional love for you! The earth didn’t do anything to cause it’s drought, nor did it do anything to deserve to be watered. You are of more value than dirt.

Whatever you are going through, your heart may be very parched and dry. Your mind may be tired and your soul weary.  God knows exactly when it will be time to bring you out of your distress.

He knows when to send the rain.