being thankful.

being thankful.

After the initial days or weeks of a painful situation, it is important to begin thinking about what you are thankful for.  It’s a choice. You may not feel it but do it anyway and watch what happens.

If you live in a culture that emphasizes self- indulgence (what you deserve or what makes you happy), you can get used to living by how you feel.

Taking a moment and considering the things that went right instead of only what went wrong has a physiological affect. Studies show amazing benefits to name a few-  increased positive mood, a sense of belonging, better sleep, increased energy, and fewer incidents of illness.

According to WebMD, feelings of gratitude were at high levels after 9-11.   

How can this be? When tragedies happen, things that really matter come into perspective.


When you’re hurting, I know you want to stay there. Many cultures practice a time of mourning the loss of a loved one by wearing dark or muted colors and withdrawing from social events. In Western culture, I think it would be good to revisit these practices.

Yet, there comes a time when we put away the mourning clothes and face the future with hope and optimism. Remembering what you are thankful for will put you in a hopeful and optimistic mindset.

You have the rest of your life to live!


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Whatever you’re going through, face the future with courage.

Stand strong. Stand tall. Be brave.


Creation inspires us to be courageous.

The tide comes in and goes out. The rhythm is constant and reliable.

Take a deep breath and do the next thing.


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