Why are we surprised when we have to suffer?

Especially in the American culture – our first response is disbelief.  How can this happen to me? Why did this happen to me?

If the Son of God endured pain and suffering, is it really unimaginable that we should suffer?

Yet, in the suffering there are wonderful treasures to be discovered. Even the natural realm reveals the benefits of the processes and pressures involved. The crushing of olives for olive oil, the friction of sand to make a pearl, and the heat required to purify gold.

We don’t look for suffering as if it will make us better people. We accept it when it comes. This is not a defeatist mentality. It is faith when we walk through it with courage and strength, allowing God to do what he says he will do.

I, even I, am he who comforts you.

Isaiah 51:12





You don’t always have to be the bigger person.

I know, I know. In many of today’s Christian circles, you are encouraged to press in, march on, grab hold … be victorious; an over-comer!

… when people should be reaching out to you.

We can measure physical pain. We understand the process of healing. You can’t rush it. And everyone is different.  Anyone who would tell someone with a broken hip to walk is stupid. Why do we tell people with a broken heart to walk? When a piece of their heart is missing?

It takes time for a broken heart and tired mind to heal. The worst thing someone can do is make a hurting person feel worse with our words and actions (or lack thereof).

I don’t believe that is God’s heart.

At all.

So if this is you, be released from people’s thoughtlessness. And let God be your comfort. He is the bigger person.

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