You’ve read them.

Heartwarming stories of miracles. Being at the right place at the right time. Rescued.

But then you didn’t get a miracle, did you?

I didn’t get one, either.

So we have to do something with that. We have to have a place to file “no miracle” in our minds.

The people who get a miracle like to talk about it. And so they should! But then they believe for you, too. But you don’t understand. Not everyone gets a miracle.

I have resolved to accept it. If I didn’t, I would get bitter.

I didn’t want a heart that would soon show on my face and in my words that would reflect the taste you get when you chew up an aspirin.

Over the years, I have determined the goodness of God as well as the bad in this world. I have cultivated a relationship of trusting him since we were made to trust in something or someone so why not him?

I still cry and hurt and miss the miracle I did not get.

But I love God with all my heart, soul, and strength enough to believe and be comforted with a miracle we can all have – grace and peace for now, heaven forever with God.

grace and peace


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God is good.

God is good.

It might sound trite to believe God is good when you’ve had loss.

It’s not your first thought.

And it’s okay because God is okay with that, too.

But eventually, you will come face to face with this truth. And the only way you can believe God is good is if you trust him.

Do you?

Throughout the Bible, God says to trust him. That means we can.

I often think about the parent-child relationship when it comes to God. In fact, Jesus used this in many situations because he knows we understand what is tangible.

A parent will set up boundaries and in reality, are asking the child to trust the father or mother. It is easy for us to understand it is for the child’s own good.

Some children resist and rebel. They want to do it their way.

Adults can be like that, too.

A good parent will be patient and understanding, allowing the child to learn.

God can be like that, too.

Whatever it is that is causing you pain and heartache, God sees tomorrow.

Will you trust him?

He knows the time when you are ready. You will know it, too. If you stubbornly resist it will be more pain for you.

Let him help you.

I’ve seen it before – when a child gives into whatever they were yelling about, whatever they were pushing away – they settled into a happier, peaceful demeanor.

Sometimes, the way to being happier and peaceful is not the way we think it is.


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