nursing the wound.

nursing the wound.

Are you nursing your wound?

It is your right.

But if it goes on for years, it will never heal.

Do you want it to heal?

Do you know it can heal?

The healing does not mean you won’t have a scar. It doesn’t mean you don’t have limitations.

It doesn’t mean you have no control or say over your feelings.

It means you will live again. It will be different and that is okay. There is no “new normal”.

It is survival. Not a gasping for air kind of survival, but a kind of day to day rhythm that keeps you afloat.

If you want to live after the pain you have to live during the pain. You will get through it.

Don’t be your own worst enemy.







When daffodils make their appearance after a long winter, not only do they announce spring’s arrival, but they bring cheer. Who can not help but smile?


Jesus said: “In this world you will have trouble. But be of good cheer! I have overcome the world.”

That means God has the final say.

We don’t have to wait until that day to be cheerful. We can be cheerful now.

Cheerfulness can only come when we know God is watching over everything. It gives us a sense of relief when we know this.

Even in the depths of despair, don’t be afraid to smile. It will cheer your heart and help you heal.



You may have had an abortion.

Deep inside, you may wonder if it was right or wrong.

You may feel the emotional pain from terminating your pregnancy, even if you were okay with it at the time.

If you are struggling with having an abortion, I have something to tell you. God forgives. You may not think you did anything wrong to need forgiveness. But the fact you are feeling so miserable, or the abortion still haunts you after several years, you may be dealing with guilt.

We are limited in our human understanding – as amazing as we are! We are wired to be hurt by our actions. The 10 commandments are not to hurt us – but to help us. It’s like God telling us to avoid these things because you are fragile and it will end up hurting you.

But the good part is God is merciful. The Bible tells us so much about how God is compassionate toward us.

God is not punishing you. God loves you. And He wants more than you know to not feel the guilt. He forgives when we go to Him. And only He, the one who made you, is able to erase the past.



All around us, life is replenishing.

God has designed the earth to heal itself and bring forth life.

Sometimes, we have a hand in it.

Sometimes, we don’t.

The earth is the LORD’S, and all it contains;

The world, and those who dwell in it.  -Psalm 24

The goodness and kindness of God is greater than any trouble we are facing.  The seasons come and go with certainty. Birds migrate to their intended destinations and butterflies shed their cocoon and take flight. The depths of the sea hide mysteries undiscovered and the stars take their position in the universe. Ice storms prune the forests and wildfires generate new growth.

How much more will God replenish you?