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mother’s day.

While shopping for groceries yesterday, tables were set up in the entrance of all the stores, filled with flower arrangements for Mother’s Day.

But today, you might not be celebrating.

Maybe memories of your mother are painful.

Maybe you didn’t have a mother in your life.

Maybe your mother died and you miss her terribly.

If you are a mother, maybe you haven’t talked to your child in years because of a broken relationship.

Or maybe your child died.

Please just know, some of us know there are people like you who are hurting today.



mother’s day.

Mothers have a peculiar strength.

She endures childbirth, carrys heavy burdens, and perseveres through the storms of life. Truly, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
mother 2

Yet, deeply within the reservoir of her strength lies tender sensitivity.


Mothers cry.



Her tears washes away the residue of concerns.

It’s God’s way.



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happy mother’s day!

mother 2





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Not every mother is honored and the pain goes deep.

When Mother’s Day is celebrated, some mothers feel alone.

[Graflex Speed Graphic | Kodak Aero Ektar 178mm | Shanghai sheet film]

Life can be very hard. But it can be very good, too. Think about the good and be thankful.

God sees your sorrow. Let him help you. He loves you.


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