If we could just go back.

If we could have another chance.

If only we saw that coming.

Our shortcomings and weaknesses can teach us if we look at it that way. We can’t change what happened.

We are not perfect.

heureux- / Foter / CC BY-SA
heureux- / Foter / CC BY-SA

“To have regret is to be disappointed with yourself and your choices. Those who are wise, see their life like stepping stones across a great river. Everyone misses a stone from time to time. No one can cross the river without getting wet. Success is measured by your arrival on the other side, not on how muddy your shoes are. Regrets are only felt by those who do not understand life’s purpose. They become so disillusioned that they stand still in the river and do not take the next leap.” — Colleen Houck

live in the moment.

live in the moment.

While standing in line, I watched  a young mother balance her baby one on hip, effortlessly hand money to the cashier, and place her packages in the cart. One of her children, about 6 yrs old, went to get the toddler who was gazing at a display of shiny cookware. The other 2 children, about 3 and 5 years of age, dreamily followed, dragging their stringed mittens across the floor. Then out the door they went following their mother.

For a moment, I warmly remembered my own shopping days with kids in tow. But I didn’t allow myself the luxury of staying in that moment.  My heart always sinks at the end of such things because one child is missing. And I don’t want to think about how he was there and now he’s gone.

Then there are times when I think of the future and how I thought things would turn out;  my unfulfilled dreams of what I had prayed for, hoped for, and worked hard for. I’m at the point where it is no use to keep at it. That’s not hopelessness. It’s reality. And sometimes admitting is the right thing to do.

So I have been thinking: why not live in the moment?

I wonder how many of us do? It seems we are thinking about what was or what could be and miss now. I wonder how much energy we spend doing this and not really, really enjoy the moment we are in?

If we’re thinking about the past too much it may lead to regret or not moving forward. If we’re thinking about the future too much it may lead to worry or fear.

There are seasons in my life that have come and gone. Gone. People, friends, and even family who once were a constant…have taken a new direction.


Accepting it isn’t easy. Admitting it is.

We can’t hold on to the past and we can’t grasp the future.

So, why not live in the moment and let it do its magic?


Photo credit: ChaoticMind75 / / CC BY-NC