seeing is believing.

seeing is believing.

May has been incredibly beautiful where I live.

Snow flurries were around at the beginning, but then, spring broke through and pushed away the lingering cold.

When the snow melted and the first green poked through the cold, wet ground, I was filled with fresh hope. The daffodils I planted in the fall woke up from their long sleep, popping their sunny heads all around. But then my heart sank to see my favorite purple and yellow tulips did not survive.

Our life ebbs and flows with beauty and devastation. And yes, some losses are bigger than lost tulips.Yet, God is over all of it.

All of it.

Seeing is believing.

memorial day 3 - Copy

photo credit: kathy moulton


seeing is believing.

seeing is believing.

We believe what we see.

But what we see is not always true.

Sometimes, we have to take off the glasses.


Shadowy forms come into focus. Depth perception increases. And was the sky always this blue?

Mindsets become our lens. We aren’t always right.

Are there perceptions .. thoughts .. opinions .. which you are clinging to?

Some people are easily frustrated or discouraged. Some worry or complain. Others are bitter and unforgiving.

Try taking off your glasses and tell me what you see.

Now try putting someone else’s glasses on.

There’s more to your life than meets the eye.


Photo courtesy: nicadlr / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA