Thank-you to all who read and/or follow me! I have people from all over the world reading and it makes me happy to be able to plant a seed of encouragement in someone’s life. Most of the time it’s just taking a step back and looking at something from a different angle that makes all the difference.

Most of my posts have been short and reflective since most people do not take the time to read long blog posts. I’m big at seeing what can come from a small seed.

That said, I’m going to change things a bit.

Mondays will be a bit more up close and personal. Sharing our burdens is meant to be.

Wednesdays will be short and sweet.

Fridays will continue to be “Scripture Friday”, since without that guidance in my life, I would be confused and aimless.

Also, watch for my December 2nd post to enter a drawing for a book gift from me! Details will be included in the post!



Photo credit: Mukumbura / / CC BY-NC-SA