losing a child.

losing a child.

Like a wave, the crest of heightened emotion will fall to find a path as it crashes upon the shore of a new day … a new week … a new year.

Life will demand and routine will resume.

The fathers and mothers of the Sandy Hook school shootings will feel helpless. They will tread water as raw grief pierces deeper and the numbness wears off.

Everyone leaves and the temporary buoyancy of strength leaves, too.

You cannot leave them. Not yet.

There is a gaping wound in their heart. And life is pulsating out of it with every breath.

Place your hand of quiet presence upon their heart until it beats on its own.

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The silence is deafening. Weeping openly was allowed.

Life must go on we tell them.

But life is on hold for them.

Let them. Please let them.

There are no words to comfort. All they want is their child back.

Time. They need lots of time.


Time to learn how to live again.

Some will not want to live again.


But they will.


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As I have been writing here since February, I have slowly defined who I am and have become more focused. If you’ve been reading, you know I am a Christian. God has been my anchor and the guidance of the scriptures have been  indelible upon my life.

There are alot of Christians out there. We come in all shapes and sizes. If it’s confusing to me, I imagine it is certainly confusing to you.

My heart is to wade through the confusion. And as I’ve done it in my life, I hope to help you. Because at the end of the day, peace of mind and a joyful heart is everything. And only God can give it.

Who I Am:

We’ve all been hurt. But I carry upon my heart a wound so big that only God was sufficient to place his hand upon it.

I do not have a degree in  therapy,  psychology,  psychiatry, or counseling. I am a mother who has walked through the valley of the shadow of death.  I am one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread – without today’s Christian pat answers.