Humans have a longing to be validated.

We spend much of our time discovering who we are, and explaining to others who we are. When your heart is aching it’s normal to want people to notice and to care. We’re wired that way.

Yet,  far too many avoid people facing painful situations. Some just run the other way. It becomes a socially awkward nightmare, leaving the one in pain …. in even more pain. If this is you, read on.

When pain comes, it’s alright to pull away. You reach out and touch the handle of a hot dish. It hurts. You pull back. You reach out towards a cat. It hisses and swipes at you. You pull back.

Why is heartache treated differently? Because physical pain is visible and can be measured. People want so badly for you to be well or be who you were before the pain.  So, depending on your pain, don’t expect people to know exactly how you feel.

But, there is one who does get it. God.  The Creator of humanity, the Creator of you, knows. You may be blaming Him for the pain.  He’s got the shoulders for it. But then eventually, one must come to terms with God’s part or you will continually spiral downward to cynicism and bitterness (leading to even more pain).

As I have faced deep sorrow in my life, I have learned what works and what doesn’t work. And most of the time, it is this: be patient with yourself even when it feels like the people around you are not.

Are you in pain today? Be validated. No strings attached.