You can be surrounded by people everyday and still feel alone.

The pain of loneliness is real. You may long for a husband, a wife, a baby, a friend. Maybe you never knew your mother or father.  I have found the best remedy is to climb out of  the loneliness pit and find someone to give to. Doing the opposite of what we are feeling works wonders!

Today, I noticed the gal at the register in my local grocery store looked sad. I have been feeling sad myself the last couple of weeks. I made it a point to admire her long, wavy, dark red hair. I didn’t feel like talking but I did. Her face lit up. Who knows what is going on in her life? But I made a difference. And when I walked away I was smiling.

It really is better to give than receive. And do you know that’s what the Bible is primarily about? God telling us to do the opposite of what we would normally want to do. He knows what works the best for us.

Reach out to someone who is lonely today!