There’s two kinds of people. One type suffers in silence and the other type talks constantly about their suffering.

The silent type may or may not be so noble since silence isn’t always an indication of strength. Yet, the talkative type can wear people out. If you fall into this category, it may be because you are looking to people to fill a need that only God can fill.

Let me put it like this: we all need people. I process pain through talking it out. But if I find myself becoming resentful or angry when people are not available for me, that is a red flag. There is no human being that can possibly meet our every need. And if we attend church, sometimes we place expectations upon this as well.

The Apostle Paul tell us: “And my God will fully supply your every need…”  This is not said by a man who didn’t face trouble. He suffered imprisonment, beatings, famine, and more. Yet, he had learned to trust God through these hardships – knowing God sees it all.

This is not to say that people shouldn’t help us. The Bible is clear that we should help each other. But sometimes the phone rings and no one answers. Sometimes our friend doesn’t really understand. Sometimes people don’t really care the way we want them to.

There is one who never sleeps. He is available every minute of every day. And you can talk constantly to Him because He doesn’t mind!

People let us down. God never lets us down.