It’s one thing if someone dies in a war, an accident, or from a disease.

It’s another thing if someone you love dies from suicide.

You think people understand but you soon find out they do not.

The closest people to you can be talking behind your back about the one you lost and you don’t know it until the tell-tale signs begin to appear.

And then you think, “Oh. They are talking about it.”

And the one who is gone is being pulled apart and analyzed.

But the worst one is, “I thought so.” How dare you?

I’m so thankful God knows everything. He is my Defender. And his.

I know that now.


You should know it, too.

How I love you, Lord! You are my defender.  The Lord is my protector; he is my strong fortress. My God is my protection, and with him I am safe. He protects me like a shield; he defends me and keeps me safe.

The Bible  (Psalm 18)


Photo Courtesy: VinothChandar / / CC BY