We’re all on a path.

Sometimes, the path is straight and clear. We like that. We can see where we are going and there is light at the end.

clear path

But sometimes, there are twists and turns that seem to lead us in circles. There are obstacles or it’s dark and we cannot see.


We live in a time when life is more predictable than any other time in history. We have grown accustomed to it. So when something goes wrong, it throws us off our path.

Should it?

There was a time when it was understood “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away”, and it was settled.

Today, we’ve strayed from this acknowledgement. It seems too simple for our complex, fast-paced world.

But it still stands.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.


Photo Courtesy:

Stuck in Customs / / CC BY-NC-SA

tricky (rick harrison) / / CC BY-NC-SA

© Kathleen Moulton