Some churches deal more with overcoming the pain than feeling it. That leaves people thinking they don’t have enough faith and they ignore the pain.

It’s just as wrong to ignore the pain and call it faith as it is to wallow in pain and never move through it the way God intended.

When my son died, there was no ignoring it. Pushing it away is like trying to cover a fatal, bleeding wound with your hand.

Each day, you face the pain. It is what it is and the best way is to have courage. Courage doesn’t mean you are not afraid, just like feeling pain doesn’t mean you don’t have faith.

Courage is based on truth and so we call it what it is. God has equipped us to walk through the pain, not avoid it.


When the sun goes down at the end of the day, darkness settles over us and we don’t see clearly. Things sometimes look worse.

But remember, the sun always rises in the morning. And the new day is meant to brings us new hope and a new outlook. Don’t dread tomorrow! God is with you always and will guide you through your pain if you let him.


Photo: Ibrahim Iujaz / / CC BY