Have you thought that pain can nourish you?

Selective pruning involves the removal of the parts of a plant, bush, or tree – improving its look or health.

Yes, there are times that the pruning is majorly intrusive.

whats-old-is-new_lBut can you see the new growth?

Pruning helped the tree.


Sometimes, the pruning is gentler.

God doesn’t cause the pain. Pain just exists.

He knows what will come from the pain if we trust him.


Maybe you feel the slight but manageable pain of pruning shears.

Or maybe you have been leveled, barely able to see your worth.

Know this:  God watches over everything. And he gives you exactly what you need to survive.

It’s apparent all around us! Just look. And let the pruning nourish your soul.

How much am I worth to God? If a flower has worth to God, how much more do you?


Photo Credit:

UGArdener / Foter / CC BY-NC

jennyhsu47 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND