Death will come to all of us.

The Bible calls it an enemy – an enemy that one day will be destroyed permanently.

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.


Years ago, I think people dealt with death better than we do today.

The Encyclopedia of Children’s Health states: In 1900, children experienced firsthand, seeing a loved one die on the farm or in the home. Then, two world wars came and children experienced death in the remote events of far off places. By the 1950s, though some children did experience the death of a loved one in the Korean War, these were few. Death became an abstraction, something children only read about or experienced in a movie or television. 

Death was expected and accepted. Were they stronger? If so, in what ways?

Don’t misunderstand. They hurt like we hurt when a loved one died. But I wonder if our world today, with all its conveniences and hurry-up-and-get-going tendencies, have created within us an inability to accept the slow and inevitable processes of life. We have been groomed to fix, forge, and no, failure is not an option.

Just food for thought.


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2 thoughts on “death.

  1. Your post struck a chord inside me. Death is part of life, it’s inevitable, how do we expect to avoid it? I work in an industry where tired 90 yr olds in the hospital want CPR when their old hearts give up. They are terrified of dying. I believe there is more after this sometimes excruciatingly painful life ends. And I don’t have a choice. We all will find out one day.

  2. Susan, thank-you for your comment. I am putting myself in your place as you describe the place where you work – 90 yr olds terrified of dying. How sad to witness this.

    Our advancements with medicine, technology, education – have conditioned us to be almost invincible, insulated, or isolated – until the inevitable visits our doorstep.

    We have to be prepared. And our perspective is everything.

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