broken dreams.

broken dreams.

b_16096_mthYou had dreams. But something happened to ruin things. And now you are discouraged.

Sometimes, it’s the choices of other people who ruin those dreams.  We can’t control those choices. Some people  just aren’t willing to think about others first. You may have tried to communicate your feelings to no avail.

It hurts.

Meanwhile, you have choices, too. You can choose to let those broken dreams make life bitter or you can choose to enjoy life. It’s up to you. Because there’s plenty in life to enjoy if you’re looking. And one thing I have learned about God is this: he always has another path for us when the one we were on has a dead end.

Photo credit: LifeSupercharger / Foter / CC BY
Photo credit: LifeSupercharger / Foter / CC BY

And those dreams?  You might be able to tuck them away and not give up on them just yet. The last chapter of your life has yet to be written.

4 thoughts on “broken dreams.

  1. It’s the hardest thing, sometimes, to remember we have choices. And a small choice made on a normal day can get us started back on the path we’re destined for.

    Glad I found you on the A to Z challenge!

    – Eli @ Coach Daddy #1314

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