let it be.

let it be.

In the Northeast, summer blooms mingle with the faded colors of late summer.

Already, roadside maple trees are speckled with red and gold.

The morning dew is heavy. The air is chilled.

I love the beginning of new seasons.

Recently, I was driving through the small college town nearby and felt such a sense of love for my community. Where did that come from, I thought. It was a long-ago familiar feeling that is rare these days.

That’s what happens to you when your child dies.

Seasons just come and go without our help. Everything has a time and purpose. Many of life’s situations are not in our control.

So, we just let it be.

Take one day at a time. Hard to do in the world we live in today where we have access to everything in real time.

But that doesn’t change how the universe works.

Summer will end when it is supposed to.

Autumn will begin with all of its freshness, with a wash of vibrant colors brushed upon withering blossoms.

Let it be. 



2 thoughts on “let it be.

  1. Beautiful prose. I love autumn. I have often thought that God has an order to everything…especially change. His plan, His purpose, His timing, His way. Sometimes it is easier to find peace in acceptance of those things that we cannot control. “There is a season to every purpose…”

  2. I agree! I don’t understand why there is so much pain in the world. I do know that God promises comfort, help, strength, and more. God made us to rest in that : )

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