He has placed eternity in the human heart … no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

-the Bible

God, magnificently distant and yet so close, placed the knowledge of eternity in the hearts of mankind.

What are you facing today? Are you troubled? Afraid? Sad?

God gives us comfort, strength, and peace.

But eternity with him is really where our thoughts should be. It was important for him to place it into our hearts because it causes us to look up and away from here and now. It is the expectation of things to come. Even if we don’t understand it, we feel the power of this promise.

No one can fathom the works of God. He tells us to set our hearts on things above, not here on earth. We will always know happiness here but we will also know sorrow.

In eternity, God will wipe away every tear. There will be no more sorrow or death.

Let the eternity that is written on your heart grow and feel the fullness of the hope God has placed in each one of us!



2 thoughts on “eternity.

  1. I am reading a book, “My Dream of Heaven” by Rebecca Ruter Springer that was recommended by Carolyn another blogger. It was written in 1898 when most people who had ” near death experiences” seldom shared or could verbalize their personal account of dying, coma, or etc…

    Billy Graham wrote a small blurb, ” My Dream of Heaven …captures Biblical truth with emotional impressions.”

    This book will help those of us facing immenent death, the loss of loved ones, or suffering an illness, to look homeward to Heaven with enthusiastic anticipation.

    It is written in the language of days gone by but is nevertheless an interesting read.

    God bless you.

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