my_creation_letter_sYou can’t fix grief.

A paper cut will heal quickly.

A gun shot wound requires more time.

Sometimes the bullet cannot be removed.

People live with bullets inside of them.

People live with broken hearts.

This isn’t hopelessness.

It is acceptance of what is.

Once accepted,  you carry grief with strength…

beautiful strength,

Photo credit: hyperbolesque / Foter / CC BY-NC
Photo credit: hyperbolesque / Foter / CC BY-NC


God painted the world with delicate beauty.

With purposeful intent, God knew we would respond to its beauty.

Some things are obvious.

Some things are not.

Look at all God made. He created it for us!  Do you think you are less important than the great thought God had when creating the earth? You are of much more value to Him.



How do you look into the questioning big, brown eyes and explain?

How do you take the small hand in yours and keep from sobbing?

How do you say it without fear gripping their little heart …

… when life goes very wrong?

You just say it as simply as possible.

And their child-like answer will surprise you …

… for they accept what is difficult,

better than we do.