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3. There’s Always More to Be Grateful For

Consider the difference between wealth and value. While material wealth is important, it is not the only source of real value in our lives. We can all celebrate value, even when the material wealth in our lives is taking a beating.

-Rabbi Brad Hirschfield


God painted the world with delicate beauty.

With purposeful intent, God knew we would respond to its beauty.

Some things are obvious.

Some things are not.

Look at all God made. He created it for us!  Do you think you are less important than the great thought God had when creating the earth? You are of much more value to Him.


Everything has purpose. When you consider nature and how everything fits and operates with value and purpose, how much more is your life valuable and purposeful?

There is struggle in nature. Chicks must peck their way through the egg. Delicate plants push their way through heavy soil. Without bees there are no flowers or food. Without an irritant there are  no pearls.

God would not order nature and not order human life.

He gives purpose to pain – not because God purposes pain for us, but because He knows how to bring purpose from pain.