If you have the pleasure of living where there are 4 seasons (as defined by the clear observation of buds, green leaves, colored leaves, no leaves), then you really understand the end of one season and the beginning of another.

Looking at life as seasons really helps when you’re hurting.

season 1

Some seasons feel very long. Winter seems to hang on in some places.

Listen. There’s some pretty awful heartache out there. And your pain may feel like winter; never-ending. But I promise you that spring will come again.

So for now, it’s okay to hunker down. And wait.



We can be hurting so badly, we don’t see clearly.

Yet, God has ways to bring comfort. Our pain makes us sensitive to the ache in our heart, but it also makes us aware of small pleasures.

The way the morning sun filters through the window curtains, laying patterns on the bed.


The rhythm of rain lulling us to sleep.


The way a butterfly lands on a flower, certain of provision.


These are not small things. They are meant to strike a chord deep within our souls and bring a smile.

This is God telling us He is with us.

Don’t miss the moments. They are all around you!


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Everything has purpose. When you consider nature and how everything fits and operates with value and purpose, how much more is your life valuable and purposeful?

There is struggle in nature. Chicks must peck their way through the egg. Delicate plants push their way through heavy soil. Without bees there are no flowers or food. Without an irritant there are  no pearls.

God would not order nature and not order human life.

He gives purpose to pain – not because God purposes pain for us, but because He knows how to bring purpose from pain.



Some pain is so deep that there are no words.

In the book, A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss the author wonderfully explains what I had personally discovered:

“We recover from broken limbs, not amputations.”

There are some awful things in life that change us forever.  If a tree falls to the ground, we cannot put it back up. Yet, when someone is in pain, we try to put them back up. We mean well. It’s just what we do.  We want them to be well for their sake. And sometimes, we want them to be well for our sake. Pain scares us.

The amputee will never have his leg back. What is lost is lost. And it is much better for a person to face that truth. Only then are they able to go through the pain.

We can throw prescription drugs, antibiotics, bandages, and ointments all we want at a missing leg and it won’t reappear no matter how hard we try. But, we can help someone walk again.

“But it hurts.”

Yes, it does.