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the power of being thankful.

There is real power in being thankful.

We know how to exercise our body to improve balance, tone, flexibility, strength, and over all health.

Did you know there is an exercise for our minds? If you feed it with dwelling on your situation, it is the same as not reasonably taking care of your physical body.

When I become overwhelmed with discouragement, everything looks grim. But when I pause and think about the beauty in the midst of sorrow, it lifts me out of despair. When I choose to give someone more benefit than doubt, I am a happier person.

That’s because I have not allowed that situation access to destroying me. Being thankful for the good that has come my way gives me a better outlook on life.

This isn’t “positive thinking”. It is a deeper, genuine, heart-felt moment of gratefulness.

Our emotions have a purpose, but we can’t live with them being the sole navigator of our thoughts. God gave us emotions (he has them, too) but he also gave us the ability to think reasonably.

You might have good reason to be angry. Set it aside for 1 minute. Let your thoughts go to what you are thankful for.

Dealing with tragedies do take longer. There is horrific, destructive pain out there. No one who loses a loved one is comforted by thinking (or being told) “at least you had them for a time”. No. You want them back and that’s all you feel.

It’s okay. God is not in a hurry. And what I have found is he brings small moments of brightness to your life when you aren’t expecting it. Gently and softly he touches your wounded heart with tender care. People often do not do this for us so don’t be upset. Some people expect more from Christians. It’s understandable because we expect compassion, care, and essentially, love.  It is what it is. Don’t let people define how God does things.

You can conquer the reality of your situation through how you think.

Practice being thankful and watch what happens.

ndbutter / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

ndbutter / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

scripture friday.


Life can be unpredictable.





But if we look closely …

we will discover what is predictable.





dahlia 2


plants-font-type-letter-q_85542835We all have them.

Recently, a young couple and their baby were instantly killed when concrete debris fell from an overpass onto their vehicle.

But there have been similar stories when people have missed such a tragedy by seconds. Those people often say, “God was with me” or “God wasn’t done with me yet”.  Wasn’t God with the family who was killed? Was he done with them?

Personally, I have questioned why God didn’t intercept my son’s death. Finally, I had to stop asking something I was never going to get an answer for. I concluded that God knew and that was enough.

Our questions are normal. But at the end of the day, there is something we are trusting in. We turn to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, television, and more to help us cope. Understandable. But inside, we know these things are band-aids.

One day, a friend asked if she could come talk with me. She cried through a series of serious and tragic situations she was facing with her young adult children. The father was completely out of the picture.

There are no quick fixes with some situations. As a Christian, it’s not the time to say, “God loves you!” or any other scripture. Because that hurting person is not believing God loves him/her at all.

My friend’s life was like a boat in a vicious storm, ready to break into pieces. She was looking for safety.

After listening for some time, I said, “All I can tell you is this: the sun rises every morning and sets every night”.

This is a picture we can all relate to, no matter who you are or where you live. It is the picture of assurance – pointing us to the Creator of the universe – who is sovereign,  infinite, all-knowing, and faithful.

Because there are some things we cannot explain with words.

Photo credit: kendoman26 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: kendoman26 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

unanswered prayer.

All of us have experiences we build upon.

There are all kinds of stories of people who survived an accident or beat an illness. They are ecstatic. And they should be!

The frailty of life and imminent death becomes a reality.

In Christian churches, there’s a lot of good experiences and people give testimonies of answered prayer and how God came through.

But I’ve always wondered about those who didn’t get their prayer answered and how they think God did not come through.

When you’re sitting in front of the television or in a church service, and you hear how an individual’s life was spared from cancer or unscathed in an accident, and they attribute God with the credit, (e.g. “I guess God’s not done with me yet”), I can’t help but think of someone who did die and wonder, “Was God done with them? Why didn’t God want h/she to live?”

If we think “input-output” (I prayed, God answered), there’s got to be an answer both ways.

I am sincerely happy and inspired when individuals thank God for what he has done for them. I just want to know how to help people who feel left out.

Are you one of those people? I know how you feel. While I have much to be thankful for, there have been some real confusing and difficult areas that have left me disappointed and hurt. The only way I’ve been able to come to terms with the pain is to trust God with it.

You are not the first to hurt and you won’t be the last. Life is hard and we learn to look at it with optimism since life has some very wonderful moments, too. The only way you can have this outlook is knowing God sees the end from the beginning. It won’t last, only to have a positive outlook. It has to be based in something solid.

We either trust God. Or we don’t.

It takes time to develop trust. God knows this.

When you trust, you rest.

When we look out into the night sky, we are breathless at its beauty.

There is Someone over that magnificence. There has to be.




dare to believe.

What if around the corner, everything will change?’



What if you could step into another dimension and see life very differently than you do right now?


Life is more than what you see.

Today may be grim with heartache and discouragement. You may be lonely and really believe no one cares.

Things are not always as they appear.

God has figured our sadness into the equation and knows you will smile again.

What if God has your concerns taken care of? And you just are not aware of it?


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which way?

I am the Lord your God,
    who teaches you what is best for you,
    who directs you in the way you should go

-The Bible