only believe.

only believe.

No one gets through life unscathed.

It’s a fact.

Some face greater sorrows than others – deeper pain.

Mental, emotional, physical – or all 3 at once.

Accepting is half the battle. This isn’t a fatalist mentality. It’s an acknowledgement of living in a broken world. And at the same time, a very beautiful world.

Do you know there is a way to live above the fray?  It’s true!

It comes from dwelling daily in God’s presence. That means you believe. Not in a concept or theory, but in a living God who has delighted in communing with humanity.

He says to call upon him in your day of trouble and he will hear you.

What? God didn’t hear me when I felt so much heartache because he didn’t stop it. But remember- the Savior of the world felt the ultimate sorrow on the cross. Anguish of body, soul, and spirit.

He gets it.

And because of this, he is able to come to our aid in ways we are not even aware of, rescuing us from going too far away from him in our grief.

I’ve had to learn to slow myself down. The part of me that just wants to rush ahead and figure it out … work it out … needed to trust.

I now know the sweetness of peace and contentment even in the midst of heartache.

It can be for you, too, if you only believe.

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Humanity has accomplished some amazing feats.

We can think we’re pretty amazing. And really, we are.

But keep perspective. Because we are also very fragile.

Yes, we are a small fish in a big universe pond. We don’t always think about our world being suspended on nothing in a big black space. We can get pretty uppity about some things, can’t we?

I’m glad God didn’t create us to always be thinking about how small we are in relationship to the universe or I am quite sure we would be very anxious and fearful.

But it’s always good to be reminded from time to time.

Sometimes, we stop and get breathless at creation. It’s supposed to work that way. It’s really God’s way of tapping us on the shoulder.

When life’s not going so good, an unexpected treasure can put things into perspective.

A local photographer took the picture below. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Study it. See it’s fine detail? Design?

If God is that involved in just snowflake, you better believe his involved with you, no matter how distant you might feel from him.


Even a fragile snowflake has been carefully designed. God could have not given it that much attention.

But he did. Why?

Because when we look at creation, we see God.

All around us are wonderful expressions of God’s presence. We cannot possibly understand all of the “whys” of life.

We are too small.

Will you trust? You don’t have to. But it is so much better when you do.


photo credit: chris chapin


beautiful world.

beautiful world.

The world is such a beautiful place. But it is also a broken world where ugly resides with beauty, evil resides with good.

The beauty is a reminder of God’s presence.

Why is their both? I don’t know the answer and believe me, I’ve had my times of shaking my fist at him. Thing is, God does not reject us for this. He understands and patiently waits for us to trust him through accepting both as it comes. What else can we do? Live out our lives with anger or bitterness? If we do, we’ll soon stop seeing the beauty.

calm sea

When life hurts, when things get tough, God always sends something beautiful. In fact, it’s when you are steeped in the ugliness that beauty becomes more vivid, more appreciated, and more focused.

Let peace settle over you. Be patient. Embrace beauty.