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the joy of the Lord.

Happiness is not your strength.

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

Many things make us happy. But in a happy moment, have you ever felt a haunting sadness that tries to steal your happiness?

When you have joy, that doesn’t happen. That’s because you know that God is holding your sorrow and he can be trusted with the things that hurt.

When we’re on top of our game, we’re happy. But happiness is threatened when life gets difficult.

Joy is not threatened.

Joy is a warm glow that grows stronger and brighter through difficult times. It’s all in how we want to look at it.

How do you get joy? When you learn to trust God. With everything. And sometimes that means accepting what you do not understand.

This is very healing to our soul.

It doesn’t mean you will be smiling all of the time.

It means you have survived.

And happiness will be all the more richer.


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hurt in church.

Have you been hurt in church?

It’s not uncommon. Christians are not perfect and there is no perfect church. But somehow, we equate a higher standard with churches.


Actually, I think God holds a higher standard for Christians and churches, too.

Jesus said, From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

This is a truth I think we call all understand.

I’ve been hurt by Christians. And I know I’ve hurt Christians. But none of this is God’s fault. Yet, many give up on God and church altogether.

The only one you’re hurting is you.

Let me say this: your pain if valid. Don’t ever think it’s not alright to hurt. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, “you’re a victor not a victim!”

God cares about our pain. Otherwise, the Bible would not be so full of his care, compassion, and concern for us.

Face the facts. Acknowledge your own propensity to hurt people, too.

Take a deep breath.


Trust God.

Move on.

You’d be surprised how good you’ll feel.