is there hope?

is there hope?


There is a scene in the African Queen when Charlie Allnut and Rose are stuck in the  mucky Ulanga River. They become lost in the weeds and cannot see ahead. They have no recourse but to get out and pull the boat if they are to survive.

african queen 1

They suffered an attack of leeches and mosquitoes.

They finally gave up when it was clear they could not move the boat any further.

Night came and they fell asleep in the boat, accepting the inevitable.

As the camera pulls away from the scene, it begins to rain. And unknown to them, just a few hundred yards away, was a clearing of the thick brush and weeds – and the mouth of the river. Overnight, the rain caused the river to rise and effortlessly freed the boat out of its demise.

african queen 3

Life is like that at times, isn’t it? We get stuck in our situations and we can’t see ahead.

But we never know what the next moment, the next hour, or the next day will bring.

If you are overwhelmed and think it’s better to end your life because it hurts too much – don’t.

There is hope. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not just a few hundred feet away.


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