when life goes wrong.

when life goes wrong.

I am dedicating this post to memory of those killed in Orlando and the family who lost their son at Disney World. May God hold them close.

It’s been the little things in life that has helped make me strong. That’s because of my Christian faith, believing and knowing God is real, and the small ways he whispers his presence into all of our lives.

God is like that.

When he whispers, we pay closer attention.

It’s like last week when my local paper had a photo of a scarlet tanager and I thought, “I’d love to see one of those!” And a day later, I did.

Photo credit: Mike's Birds / Foter / CC BY-SA

And then the 6 quarts+ of strawberries I’ve picked out of my little 5×5 patch.


And the cardinals I have been coaxing to the feeders for so long.


Or my peony that would only give 2 or 3 blooms  each year, and this spring, it was covered with over 70 blooms.


All around you are whispers from God. He wants you to know he is with you.

This doesn’t mean we don’t remember the hurt.

It means we remember the good.