You’ve read them.

Heartwarming stories of miracles. Being at the right place at the right time. Rescued.

But then you didn’t get a miracle, did you?

I didn’t get one, either.

So we have to do something with that. We have to have a place to file “no miracle” in our minds.

The people who get a miracle like to talk about it. And so they should! But then they believe for you, too. But you don’t understand. Not everyone gets a miracle.

I have resolved to accept it. If I didn’t, I would get bitter.

I didn’t want a heart that would soon show on my face and in my words that would reflect the taste you get when you chew up an aspirin.

Over the years, I have determined the goodness of God as well as the bad in this world. I have cultivated a relationship of trusting him since we were made to trust in something or someone so why not him?

I still cry and hurt and miss the miracle I did not get.

But I love God with all my heart, soul, and strength enough to believe and be comforted with a miracle we can all have – grace and peace for now, heaven forever with God.

grace and peace


Photo credit: Kylie_Jaxxon via DesignHunt / CC BY-SA