it never gets old.

it never gets old.

Over and over, I am amazed at the ordinary.

These radishes are from my garden. In one month, the tiny seeds grew into this!


Do you know how tiny radish seeds are? Tiny. So tiny if you’re not careful planting them they will blow away. So tiny you can barely see them when you plant them in the soil.

But within each seed is everything that is needed to create a radish. With help of water and sunshine of course.

I’ve been gardening for 40 years. It never gets old.

There are signs all around us telling us God exists. Yet, how many times do we need to be reminded? Often.

God knew we needed reminders. Every day the sun rises and sets we get a reminder.

But then there are those smaller things we take for granted.

When you are hurting badly, it doesn’t matter. But soon, it will matter and help bring buoyancy to your life again.

Don’t work at it. God will bring it to you when it’s time.