I’ve always been drawn to the obscure.

Like the gal who works at Walmart, embarrassed by the eczema that covers every inch of her not covered by her blue uniform top with the sunny yellow symbol.

This day she was putting mums out on a table outside. I smiled and said hi. Not the kind of rote hi-how-are-you-nice-day greeting so many say.

But the I really care kind.

I’ve chatted briefly with her at the register, but not enough for her to necessarily recognize me.

She did, however, give me the Walmart greeting.

“Ohh I’m great now that the humidity is gone,” I said spreading out my arms looking into the sky.

“I’d rather have hot,” she replied. “Because when it cools off I know what’s coming (winter)”.

So we talked about the mums and then her face lit up as she told me I could find some huge multi color ones inside.

She let her guard down. It was a nice conversation and I thought how nice it would be to have her for a friend.

I wasn’t always like this.

I’ve always put other people first but I was very busy with my own responsibilities along with a dash of assuming rejection to bother with too much friendliness.

Life is different now and taking the time with a stranger feels very good.

There are so many people that are ignored, neglected, and disregarded.

And I don’t think, I know, this is who God sees, too.

I know because he talks about them all the time in the Bible.

God makes a point of resisting the arrogant, prideful and conceited who, for whatever reason, think they are better than others. The kind of people who assume too much and often give lip service but little action to back up their words.

If you are someone who fits the description of feeling like an outcast, just hang on to the truth of what God says.

Not what others have said.

Not what you think.

What God says.

It’s comforting.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Haslam / Photo / CC BY-NC



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  1. When I want to leave a comment after reading your post, (which I did today) what password does it want me to give in order to leave a post? I tried my WordPress password and my email address password. Did I have to set up a password for your blog post comments? Anyhow, that was a great thought today, being friendly to strangers is worth the risk of rejection as far as I’m concerned. Even though in some cases I fear rejection, I’m willing to risk it when it comes to being a friend to someone especially those obscured by circumstances or something else of which we do not know.

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