::  One of a Kind – The Kids’ Ark Magazine; June 2014

::  College After Homeschool – NextStepU; 2012

::   The Perils of Electronic Socialization – SiteProNews

::   Basic Expert Author  at

::  Contributor to Heartbeat the Magazine

:Contributor to ACM Literary Apologetics Magazine

::  Year End 2013 eBook of Motivational Quotes at Writers on the Move

::  Year End 2014 eBook Writing and Marketing Tips at Writers on the Move


::  Dante Award through Athanatos Ministries Writing Contest for Unfinished Bridges

::  Placed 34th  in Writer’s Digest Writing Contest


::  Member of The Working Writers’ Club

::  Member of Writers On The Move


::  Certificate through NY State BOCES: Writing for Children 

::  University of Iowa – International Writing Program

::  Hillsdale College – Great Books 101; Ancient to Medieval

::  Hillsdale College – An Introduction to C. S. Lewis; Writings and Significance

::  Christina Katz – 21 Moments Writing Challenges

::  Christina Katz – 21 Article Writing Challenges

::  Christina Katz – 21 Grammar and Punctuation Challenges


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