j 2When things are going wrong in our life, we can be jealous when we see the success, happiness, and prosperity of others.

It’s normal.

But you have to change your thinking or else you will be miserable for a long time. Not only that, but if you have the tendency to be jealous, it can make a pattern in your thinking that will crop up the rest of your life. You will become hateful and bitter.

It’s time to nip this one in the bud. We combat it with truth.

Truth: bad things happen to all of us. They really do. You only see the surface of what success, happiness, and prosperity and looks like. When those individuals lay on their beds at night, who knows what struggles they have?

How to change your thinking:

1) Choose to be happy for them. You would want others to be happy for you, right? Begin to think  and even voice your gladness for those people in your life.

2) Be thankful. We’ve all heard it but it really works. Think…even voice…what you are thankful for. It will soon make you content, no matter what your situation is. I know. Some situations are really hard. Like losing a child. Why me? But when you are thankful, the sting of the loss lessens.

3) Accept the pain in your life. Take your time with this one. It’s okay. But if there are changes you can make, do it!

Practice this and you will begin to change how you think.

Don’t let jealousy paralyze you from believing the best for your life!

mrMark: / Foter / CC BY
mrMark: / Foter / CC BY


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